Bompas & Parr

FOOD SCIENCE: The Ultimate Willy Wonka Workshop Experience with Legendary Food Scientists Bompas & Parr


"Prepare to have your minds and taste buds well and truly blown."

Sam Bompas introduces this workshop by dissecting the duo’s unique approach to creative projects, discussing the origins of their inspiration and opening up his tightly-guarded ingredients cabinet. This intimate showcase charts Bompas & Parr’s humble beginnings as Borough Market Jellymongers to their recent collaborations with magicians, neuroscientists, structural engineers and expert pyrotechnicians - and this year they celebrate their 10th Anniversary. This highly personal insight into B&P's weird and wonderful world wouldn't be complete if we didn't roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty - our special three part workshop experience takes guests into the very heart of B&P's extraordinary studio/kitchen in Bermondsey for the ultimate food science adventure. Prepare to have your minds, and taste buds, well and truly blown.

Like Willy Wonka in his freewheeling student days, Bompas & Parr's mind-boggling culinary creations collide art, architecture, science, pyrotechnics, food and alcohol at breakneck speed. And the results are truly eye-popping. Past creations have involved breathable clouds of gin & tonic, flooding the roof of Selfridges with Courvoisier to turn it into a boating lake and crafting a 3-D map of the US out of jelly. With no formal culinary training, B&P have also produced vast installations including a chocolate fountain that required four tonnes of chocolate and the world's largest jelly (55,000 litres in case you are wondering). Their tightly guarded ingredients cabinet is rumoured to include glow-in-the-dark dust, sand from the Pyramids, cognac infused with oak from HMS Victory, natural love potions and explosives. And in 2014 B&P hosted London’s New Year's Eve fireworks, creating the world’s first multi-sensory display – the event was attended by 250,000 people which became the most-viewed item on the BBC's website in 2014. Heston Blumenthal has absolutely nothing on these guys.