Fossil Hunter

THE FOSSIL HUNTER: Real Life Indiana Jones, Dale Rogers, in Conversation at his private warehouse


"The most breath-taking objects of natural history you'll ever see."

As job titles go, 'Fossil Hunter' is up there with the best of them. Dale Rogers is a real life Indiana Jones, spending his life travelling the world in search of the rarest and most exquisite objects sculpted by the hands of Mother Nature. Dale invites us behind-the-scenes at his private warehouse which is bursting with the most breath-taking objects of natural history you'll ever see - as he rummages through the vast array of ammonites, crystals, fish fossils, dinosaur bones, stalactites and fossilised crocodiles which just happen to be lying around, we'll be hearing the eye-popping stories behind each one including where they're from, how old they are, how they were formed and most fascinating of all, how on earth they find themselves in London. And as is only appropriate, the champagne we serve will be chilled in a 380 million-year-old marble bathtub.

It was whilst on holiday in Morocco in the mid 1980s that Dale's obsession with fossils was ignited. He returned home to England and began sourcing, importing and trading fossils from Morocco via a modest stall in London's Portobello Market. Fast-forward 30 years, and Dale is responsible for one of the finest collections of geological wonders in the world. For his growing audience of discerning collector clients, Dale sources some of Earth’s most breathtaking examples of natural history formed over the past 450 million years. Dale’s most impressive finds include “The Atlas Medusa”, a full-size T-Rex skeleton and a 4 billion-year-old meteorite he stumbled across in Russia.