Graffiti Workshop

GRAFFITI LIVE! A Live Interactive Workshop led by some of the UK's most Prolific Street Artists

Graffiti Workshop Cenz.jpg

"More fun than you can shake a spray can at."

After donning head-to-toe protective gear, our hand-picked selection of the UK's most prolific street artists will put our guests through their paces and lead the creation of a bespoke mural. This experience is knockout fun, never failing to send guests away with wide smiles as well as something highly creative to show for their efforts. This event is preceded by a short Graffiti Walking Tour to set the scene and provide inspiration for the unique workshop experience to follow. 100% Instagrammable fun.

A logical extension of our ever-popular Street Art Walking Tours, this experience offers guests the rare opportunity to roll up their sleeves and actually create some graffiti of they own. We've teamed up with The House of Graffiti, a unique agency that executes bespoke mural commissions for domestic and commercial clients, to host a live creative workshop experience like no other.