Number One London

APSLEY HOUSE: Behind-the-scenes at Number One, London, home to the duke of wellington

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"Without doubt one of London's best kept secrets."

Number One, London is one of the most envied addresses in the world, containing an exceptional collection of Spanish old master paintings, sculpture, silver & ceramics which make this English Heritage property an absolute gem. This wonderful place is not just an architectural gem but a trove of history, family rivalries, love affairs and political feuds that make it such a unique place to visit. Guests will be exploring one of London's finest hidden gems, in total privacy guided by The Keeper of the Collection, a very rare treat indeed.

When Robert Adam built Apsley House at Hyde Park Corner he could not have imagined that almost two and a half centuries later bicycles, buses and Lamborghinis would be racing past it on a daily basis. Located at Hyde Park Corner, it is known as Number One, London because in the eighteenth century it was the first residence visitors approached after passing through a toll gate at Knightsbridge, when travelling to London from the countryside. Having won the Battle of Waterloo, Arthur Wellesley, the first Duke of Wellington, was by far the most famous public figure in Europe and bought this grand London townhouse (which he instructed his architect Benjamin Dean Wyatt to extend) to mark his extraordinary military success. Apsley House remains the only surviving aristocratic London townhouse still in private hands and the current Duke still retains a private apartment on the upper floors.